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  • Informations on Orca whale numbers, distribution and identification as related to Alaskan waters.
  • Information on whale species, population densities, distribution and stability as related to Alaskan waters.
  • Information on Alaska Whale Tours grouped by region, and listed by the city closest to their port of call.
  • Alaska whale viewing tours. Includes precautions and etiquette for viewing wild marine mammals. Includes a quick reference chart for boat operators.

Vacation Ideas of Places to Go! There’s a world out there just waiting to be discovered. Take a moment to look over these excellent ideas of some great places to go from some of the friends of the Whale Watching Alaska website crew. Yes, here you find locations in Hawaii and Florida, Washington and the Caribbean all with some relationship to whales or conservation of these magnificent mammals of the deep blue sea. So without another word, lets look at what these fine businesses have to offer.

First off will start with Hawaii for some excellent whale watching tours.

  • Hawaii Vacations - Enjoy an amazing vacation to the island of Hawaii and get excellent vacation packages that can't be beat. Get your airfare, hotel, and all inclusive stay to Hawaii.
  • Maui Vacations - Complimentary Concierge Services, discount rates for activities on Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai and Oahu. Helicopter Tours, Ocean Activities, Land Tours, Whale watching, Snorkeling, Luaus, more.
  • Hawaii Shark Adventures - Hawaii Shark Encounters gives you the opportunity to experience the beauty and excitement sharks in their native waters. Proud partners in a worldwide effort to improve the understanding of sharks.

Florida Whale Watching and Marine Tours

  • Florida Keys Diving - Scuba diving in the Florida Keys with Its A Dive. Daily diving on the reefs of Key Largo and the upper Florida Keys, including Pennekamp Park. Conveniently located about midpoint between Key Largo and Islamorada, we provide you with the quickest access to the top Florida Keys scuba diving locations. Dive/stay packages at the Key Largo Marriott available.

South Of The Border Places To See Whales.

  • Costa Rica Travel Services and Tours: Central America and Costa Rica Travel Services offers information about costa rica tours and costa rica vacation packages. Visit Costa Rica and take fishing, surfing, ecological, adventure and honeymoon tours.
  • Costa Rica Fishing Boats: Costa Rica fishing site offers complete fishing info, charters directory, boat descriptions, prices, captains, where to fish, what to fish, Customized fishing vacations and packages according to your budget and needs, No booking fee, make reservations on line or Call toll free.

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Alaska Whale Watching offers independent travel tour listings and general information on Alaska's whale population. Listed tours include vacation trips and travel options featuring humpback whale, gray whale, killer whale, humpback whale, beluga and whale pod tours.