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Alaska Whale Viewing Tours.

Viewing Whales in Alaska

Review some of the proper etiquette concerning whale viewing supplied by AlaskaAnchorage.net
Additional resources include NOAA - Responsible Marine Wildlife Viewing.

Whale Viewing
"Code of Conduct"

1. Always remain at least 100 yards from marine mammals and parallel to their path.

2. To limit the impact upon the whales, restrict your viewing time to 30 minutes or less.

3. Never encircle or trap any wild creature between boats, or boats and the shore.

4. If approached by a whale, put the engine in neutral, reduce the engine speed to an idle and allow the whale to freely pass undisturbed.

5. Never give chase, federal law prohibits the pursuit of marine mammals.

6. Never feed wildlife.

7. Use a telephoto or zoom lens when photographing.

8. Always post a lookout for other whales in the immediate vicinity.

Suggested whale viewing distances for minimizing impact.
Whale watching safe distance
Vessel Approach Chart


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Numbers obtained from the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game and Noah.