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Juneau Whale Watching and Wildlife Tours

Juneau Whale WatchingJuneau Alaska Whale Watching Tours

Juneau Alaska Whale Watching includes information on tours based out of Juneau Alaska where you will find some of the best whale watching tours available along with the most complete wildlife viewing packages making Juneau Alaska whale watching tours a top attraction among visitors.

Juneau Alaska Whale Watching ToursWe arrived in Juneau on June 03, 2009 aboard the MS Veendam from Holland America Cruises. The ship docked at around 9 AM while we were still having breakfast in the main dining room. We were all amazed that the ship seemed to be docking in the middle of downtown Juneau and well within walking distance of many of the local attractions.

There are two whale watching tour companies we are familiar with in Juneau Alaska. Weather Permitting Alaska and Orca Enterprises both have raving reviews from prior clients and both cater to the special needs of the cruise ship passengers too.

Weather Permitting Alaska ~ These are really personalized tours with many amenities that take them into orbit in the Alaska tour market. Guaranteed tours that set you at ease knowing that the captains are going to know exactly where the whales are going to be. Home cooked pastries are served on the tours that create raves within the folks enjoying these Juneau whale watching tours.

Orca Enterprises ~ Is one of the oldest of the whale watching tour companies in Juneau. Captain Larry is well known in the Alaska whale watching business as being one of the most knowledgeable captains in the industry.