Take a day cruise in Prince William Sound during your Alaska Vacation and enjoy watching humpback, gray and orca whales in their summer habitat. Prince William Sound whale sightings are very common and remain one of the favorite attractions for residents and visitors to this area of Alaska every year. Most visitors and cruise ship passengers get to this area from cruise ports like Valdez and Whittier Alaska.

Best time to see whales in Prince William Sound: April to September.

Prince William Sound Map

Prince William Sound Marine Mammals

Prince William Sound is home to many of Alaska's favorite marine mammals but the killer whale (Orcas), minke whales, and humpback whales in Prince William Sound are not the only marine mammals to be seen. Sea otters, harbor seals, Dall porpoise, harbor porpoise and even the Steller's sea lions are seen in the sound as well.

Prince William Sound Alaska Whale Watching

Whale watching now rates as one of the most popular tourist activities within Alaska. One of the main reasons for this popularity lye's in where you find these magnificent creatures. Take a look at Prince William Sound as an example. Here you will experience not just the whales of Alaska but also see caving glaciers, gigantic mountains, inviting fjords, great quantities of salmon and many seabirds.

Whale Watching in Prince William Sound.

Located close to the heart of Alaska's major population base, access to Prince William Sound is readily available for the tourism crowd. There are many tours from the Anchorage area that use Whittier as a port of departure for whale watching tours as well as Eco tours and glacier cruises.

During the Spring the Gray whales are passing along the Alaska coastline during their journey north to the feeding grounds on their Northern migration. As spring gives way to summer, the Humpback, Blue, Minke and Gray whales arrive and feed in the rich waters of Prince William Sound in Alaska. Orca sighting are also common on most tours throughout the coastline. Alaska also boast a variety of dolphins, porpoise, seals and otters most of the year.

Most of the land adjacent to Prince William Sound is part of the Chugach National Forest. Once here, you will find the coastline of Prince William Sound as steep, rugged and remote. The coastline is a craggy, with many islands and fjords, many of which contain tidewater glaciers frequented by cruise boats from both Valdez and Whittier.

Prince William Sound Cruises and Tours

Major Marine Tours and Prince William Sound Glacier Cruises offers in our opinion absolutely the best cruises within Prince William Sound at a price that is affordable for a family while not compromising on any aspect of the tour. Both Major Marine Tours and Prince William Sound Glacier Cruises provides the ultimate in whale watching along with well narrated environmentally conscience tours of the remarkable setting that make up Prince William Sound. See: Alaska Tour Companies for addresses and contact info.

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