Tales of Whales and those that support them.

Whale Tail

If you wish to ware a whale tail while listening to a whale tale about the big blue whale and the whale shark or just showing your whale pictures from your last whale watching trip, be sure to include the cute little beluga whale, everyone’s favorite the killer whale, and the humpback whales that migrate into Alaska waters during the peak time of year.

On a serious note, this is our special page of appriciation to those that support the protection of all mammals not just the whales of Alaska. Many of the following sites have historic information and “Whale Tails or Whale Tales” depending upon the exact topics.

The goal of this site is to unite marine mammal and coastal wildlife enthusiasts from around the world into a single united alliance of whale watchers. Members can share sightings from their latest excursions and post conservation or research news about topics related to whales, mammals, marine life, our oceans, and our seas. Group leaders from coastal and oceanic tour companies are welcome to announce offshore trips or holiday specials. This is not limited to Alaska nor to the USA but open to all that love these magnificent creatures of the deep.

Coastal Research and Education.

  • UGA Marine Education Center & Aquarium The Marine Education Center and Aquarium is Georgia's only public saltwater aquarium, exhibiting fish and invertebrates native to the southeast coast.
  • Marine Science Education, Sea Camp in San Diego The goal is to engage students with the enormous scope of marine life while encouraging participation, individual exploration, and challenge. Classroom/lab instruction is combined with field study including snorkeling, kayaking, student participation at sea on a research vessel, tidepool exploration (tides permitting), an introduction to SCUBA in confined water, and much more.
  • The Marine Mammal Center mission is to rescue and humanely treat ill, injured, or orphaned marine mammals including seals, sea lions, sea otters, dolphins and whales, and to advance knowledge about marine mammal health. Explore The Center's web site to find out how you can help support marine mammal conservation.

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<a href=”http://www.whale-watching-alaska.com”>Alaska Whale Tours</a> See the whales of Alaska and experience the thrill.

<a href=”http://www.whale-watching-alaska.com”>Save Alaska's Whales</a>


Alaska Whale Watching offers independent travel tour listings and general information on Alaska’s whale population. Listed tours include vacation trips and travel options featuring gray whale, orcas, humpback whale, killer whale, beluga and whale pod tours.

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