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Homer Whale Watching Tours.

Homer Alaska!

Located at the very end of the road on western shores Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, Homer is home to a large fleet of both commercial fishing and charter boats.

Located in the Homer harbor is a small fleet of tour boats ranging from 6 person to the larger 100+ person cruise vessels. One charter, Rainbow Tours in particular, does offer Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay marine tours that includes whales within their menu of tour offerings. Although whale sightings are not as common these days, there are still areas where sightings are common and we have found Rainbow Tours to be very competent in knowing where those areas are.

Additionally, whale sightings are often reported from the charter boats in the area as they target the large halibut that are in the waters. One of the most common areas to see whales is around the Barren Islands and outward towards Kodiak Island. This is a very common area for charter boat fishing out of Homer.

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Whale species we have encountered in the Homer area include;

Humpback Whales, One of the most often seen in these waters.

Orca Whales; From Halibut Cove to the open waters, Killer Whales are very common to see especially as the salmon return to these waters.

Blue Whales; we have come across a few of these large whales in years past between Augistine Volcano and Kodiak Island.

Minke whales; Not Common

Fin whales; Not Common